One of the soldiers: The Führer speaks.


Hitler: The Sixth Party Day of the Movement has come to an end. What appeared like a show of political strength...for millions of Germans outside of our ranks. For hundreds of thousands of was ultimately more. The great personal and spiritual meeting...of the old fighters and comrades in struggle. And, perhaps, a cross section of you...despite the forced civility of this review of our Party...will return with courageous hearts to the days in which it was difficult to be a National Socialist.


Hitler: When our Party consisted only seven already had two principles. First, it would be a party with a true ideology. And second, it would be, uncompromisingly, ...the one and only power in Germany. 


Hitler: We had to remain in the minority, because we mobilized...the most valuable elements of struggle and sacrifice in the Nation...which have always been not in the majority, but rather in the minority. 


Hitler: And because these are the racially best of the German nation...they can in the proudest self-esteem...claim the leadership of the Reich and the people. The German people...and subordinated itself to this leadership in ever-growing numbers!

*Very loud applause*

Hitler: The German people are the knowledge that a constantly changing vision...has been replaced by a fixed pole! 

All people stand up, applaud and do the Nazi greeting (see here) and Hitler wins the election and becomes the commander of the Third Reich.

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