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George Harrison

George Harrison is a British rock musician, singer, composer, writer, producer, sitar player, and guitarist. He is mostly famous for being a solo-guitarist of The Beatles.

Main informationEdit

He was born at 25th of February 1943 in Liverpool, UK and died at 29th of November 2001, Los Angeles. Harrison is 21th greatest guitarist of all time. This was said by a magazine Rolling Stone. He is one of John Lennon's friends, as all of The Beatles are. He has a mustache similar to John Lennon's. See? They are similar. Poor George Harrison was struggling a hard decease and, sadly, lost. He had larynx cancer. He phoned all his friends, including all of The Beatles, his family, and was joking and laughing with his friends the last hours of his life. He died in Los Angeles in 13:30 (21:30 in England and 0:30 in Moscow).