Stalin's speech 1937

Stalin's speech 1937

Stalin's speech 1937

Vissarion Jughashvili

Stalin's father

Joseph Stalin is a former Russian dictator. He was Soviet leader from the end of 1920's to his death.

Main informationEdit

He was born in December 1878 or 1879 (the exact date is still unknown) with father, named Besarion Jughashvili, working as a shoemaker. Besarion was drunken and exposed with fury attacks, that's why he was violently beating up Catherine (Joseph's mother) and Joseph when he was a young boy. There was a case, when Joseph tried to protect his mother from beating up, though she also was beating up Joseph. He threw a knife into Besarion and ran away. His mother was a peasant woman. When Joseph was an adult, he was a Russian dictator from end of 1920's to his death in 1974 or 1973 (the exact death date is still unknown as well as birth date). That means quarter of the century, or 25 years! The modern presidents are presidents during only 4 or 8 years! See the difference? When he was about to go to school, his mother Catherine wanted him to study in a religious school, but he didn't know Russian language at all, so he didn't study there.


130px-Ekaterina Dzhugashvili

Stalin's mother

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    Joseph Stalin was born in Gori, Georgia. He wasn't Russian.
  • Stalin is his pseudonym, his real name is Ioseb Besarionis dze Jugashvili.
  • "Stalin" on Russian means "man of steel".
  • Stalin's left arm was shorter, than his right one.
  • Stalin was a big fan of American cowboy films.
  • Stalin murdered lots of Russians, because of fear of losing powers.
  • He married two times; the first wife died from Tuberculosis, and the second one committed suicide.